Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is an empowering fighting style made for everyone.

Our system follows a fundamental set of principles that create an understanding through instruction, observation, practice and live resistance. All of our programs teach the proven fundamentals of effective fighting through an intelligent and  structured process done safely to optimize learning.

Please arrive to our school 15 minutes before class starts to allow enough time for you or your child to prepare for class. Our classes start on time, you or your child will be asked to join the training area by one of our instructors. Parents are encouraged to stay and watch the entire practice.


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a contact sport, our program is challenging while safe, caring and encouraging to your child. Our program provides a training environment that promotes core values such as focus, persistence, respect and cooperation. There is an unparalleled self confidence that comes with the knowledge of how to defend oneself that will be apparent in current students.


Our adult program is structured to allow natural progress. The fundamental principles become the building blocks for the high level techniques. Through the training students develop reflexes, reactions and transitions that allow for optimal control over their opponent. Classes are based on a defined system and curriculum while maintaining an open mind to all grappling styles.

We are NOT a competition based academy.

We are a "Recreational Training Center" arguably the best, enjoying good times with great people while in the process.

RTC's are the most practical for working professionals with families and over 40's that want to train.